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Lunch & Learn - February 2023

Lunch & Learn - February 2023 - Creating Dynamic and Collaborative Teams

Program Description

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Event Held Friday, February 10, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern  

Session Description

There are some companies that when you meet their team you are simply amazed that team member after team member is a rock star.  Each person seemingly enjoys their work and delivers with excellence.  You stand gazing at them with starstruck eyes wondering how do they manage to find these people?  And each of these rock stars is truly unique.  So, you try to understand how they manage to be diverse, collaborative and independent all at once.  Where do they find these people and how do they maintain this environment?

During this session, you will learn the following:

  • How to source for the internal team and client's vs only the role.
  • How to source diversely and why that matters.
  • How to support and grow high performance rock stars.
  • How to foster collaboration in teams, even remote ones.
  • How to ensure accountability which leads to greater teamwork.

The learning approach will be workshop style.  Be prepared to work solo and in teams during this session.

Note: CEM’s you will earn 1 CE for this session

Kara Doa
Chief Operating Officer
JDC Events, LLC

Kara Dao is often labeled an extreme optimist. As someone who believes everything is possible, Kara is a natural as Chief
Operating Officer. Whether it’s a client working on a shoestring budget or a colleague learning a new task, Kara has an open and approachable nature that makes others feel confident she will help them reach their goals. When it comes to events, Kara is a true innovator. From simple tweaks that enhance the look of event to elaborate changes resulting in a complete transformation, she can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. And she does it with events of all sizes, across multiple time zones and continents. One of the first events of her more than 25-year career was an exhibition that ranked within the top 100 USA tradeshows and seventh largest IT industry event. She also managed five international trade shows, working with a remote and global team to achieve an 80 percent profit margin. Insurmountable hurdles? Not to Kara. She knows what it takes to hold events within months of terror attacks and hurricanes. 

And Kara isn’t just about her shows, she’s about her people. Kara knows people do business with people, so she focuses on understanding the needs of clients, staff and suppliers. Even in difficult times and with difficult people, Kara uses her superpower of positivity and compassion to find the right solutions to every challenge. Kara enjoys being with family and growing pretty things. She loves to cook for others and can turn any leftovers into something brand new and super tasty. A graduate of George Mason University, Kara studied psychology. She is certified by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and has earned her Certification in Exhibition Management (CEM) and Digital Event Strategist (DES).

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Hilton Alexandria Old Town

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  • Attendees who attended the live session will earn one (1) recertification hour for this session
  • If you view the On-Demand Session, you may earn one (1) recertification hour for this session by self-reporting the educational session. Details on submitting recertification credits maybe found at: https://www.iaee.com/cem-recertification/







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