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Newsletter from Chair - August 2022

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

“May you live in interesting times!”

As you may know, this saying is often attributed to an ancient Chinese curse, the idea being that it’s rough to live in an environment of constant flux and change. We as humans like a little consistency in our lives, and some of us like it more than others!

I think that we can all agree that for our industry and for our individual markets, we’re deep into a period of great flux as we adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Changes which are not just limited to health concerns around congregating, but fundamental changes in the way we live and work. Changes in the way we gather information and communicate.

And all of this goes to the heart of our business and the form and function of the events we deliver, and in turn it dictates that, as leaders in this industry, it’s up to us to not only embrace change, but to lead it.

But how do we do that when we’re all in the same situation, facing the same challenges? How do we effectively move forward and deliver events that resonate with our audiences and offer value in this new and ever-changing reality?

The answer of course lies in all of us working together here at IAEE DC (and your other professional organizations as well) to share ideas, learn from success and failures, test new concepts, embrace new technologies, and more. 

We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how we as a board and an IAEE Chapter can best facilitate that work and have worked very diligently to produce education sessions based on feedback from our members and the industry. So, please join us at our luncheons, our new Technology Challenge Virtual Series, and our special networking events this fall as we deliver content, ideas, and a forum for sharing with your peers on important topics designed just for you!

Please check out events at our website at http://www.iaeedc-chapter.com/welcome and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Rob Hamlin
2022 IAEE DC Chapter Chair
Regional Vice President, Event Solutions, Cvent, Inc.

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