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The Nominating Committee is appointed by the chair and consist of at least three active members. The committee is responsible for developing and presenting a slate of qualified candidates to the chapter. No member of the nominating committee is to be nominated for office. 

Description of committee: Recruit new volunteer leadership by working with all committees, task forces and councils to identify the superstar, future leaders of the chapter   


  • Member in good standing
  • Willing to give the time, energy, talents and enthusiasm required of the position
  • Good organizational skills

General Responsibilities:

  • Committee members shall not be eligible for consideration for the proposed slate of officers/board members (the immediate past chair leads the committee and engage past chairs and other members to develop the chapter slate of officers)
  • Follow the chapter bylaws as a guidance of how to conduct the nominations process
  • Develop a campaign to recruit volunteer leaders to get involved with committees
  • Through working with board members, identify possible committee members that would be good candidates for open board positions
  •  Strive to ensure a balance between organizers and suppliers
  •  Develop guidelines or qualifications for board participation
  • Ensure potential Executive Committee members are proven board members that show true leadership qualifications

Timeline to ensure new officers and directors are in place by 1 January each year:

  • Develop a pool of pre-qualified candidates to be utilized in the event of an unanticipated leadership vacancy. The committee will review candidates who submitted their interest in previous years and not selected to serve on the board of directors, as well as identifying other candidates, for recommendation to the IAEE Chapter Board of Directors, if it becomes necessary. This should be done by June 1, of each year
  • Present slate of officers and directors to the chapter membership no later than 60 days prior to the chapter’s annual meeting (last meeting of the chapter)
  • Present a slate of officers and directors at its annual meeting in October
  •  Present a slate of board members to the IAEE headquarters by October 15 of each year

Time Commitment:

  • Regular attendance at board and/or committee meetings
  • Attendance at chapter annual retreat
  • Attendance at chapter activities and functions
  • Commitment time (1-5 hours per month)

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